About Me

I’m a first-year doctoral student at The Ohio State University, advised by Prof. Yu Su. My research interests focus on semantic parsing, i.e., converting natural language utterance into logical form, and related tasks include knowledge base question answering (KBQA). I received my Master degree from Nanjing University in 2023 and Bachelor degree from Northeastern University (CN) in 2020. I was research intern at MSRA in 2022.


  • [arXiv 2023] Data Distribution Bottlenecks in Grounding Language Models to Knowledge Bases
    Yiheng Shu, Zhiwei Yu


Conference Papers

  • [AAAI’23] Question Decomposition Tree for Answering Complex Questions over Knowledge Bases
    Xiang Huang, Sitao Cheng, Yiheng Shu, Yuheng Bao, Yuzhong Qu
    [paper] [code] [proceedings]
  • [EMNLP’22] TIARA: Multi-grained Retrieval for Robust Question Answering over Large Knowledge Base
    Yiheng Shu, Zhiwei Yu, Yuhan Li, Börje F. Karlsson, Tingting Ma, Yuzhong Qu, Chin-Yew Lin
    [paper] [code] [data] [poster] [slides] [video] [proceedings] [BibTeX]
  • [COLING’22] Logical Form Generation via Multi-task Learning for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Bases
    Xixin Hu, Xuan Wu, Yiheng Shu, Yuzhong Qu
    [paper] [code] [slides] [video] [proceedings] [BibTeX]
  • [ISWC’21] EDG-based Question Decomposition for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Bases
    Xixin Hu, Yiheng Shu, Xiang Huang, Yuzhong Qu
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Journal Paper

  • [TOIS’20] Deep Learning for Sequential Recommendation: Algorithms, Influential Factors, and Evaluations
    Hui Fang, Danning Zhang, Yiheng Shu, Guibing Guo
    [paper] [code] [ACM Library] [BibTeX]


  • [ICWE’19 tutorial] Deep Learning-based Sequential Recommender Systems: Concepts, Algorithms, and Evaluations
    Hui Fang, Danning Zhang, Guibing Guo, Yiheng Shu
    [slides] [intro] [Springer Link] [BibTeX]